Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 Reasons to Consider a Career in the Beauty Industry

5 Reasons to consider a career in the Beauty Industry

There are many reasons why you may choose career in Cosmetology. 

Some folks like helping others look their best.  Others are in search of a career change. Still others are interested in the flexible schedules. Whatever the reason,  if you enjoy working on hair, makeup, nails or skin, you might consider it as a profession. 

Here are some other reasons you might like the industry:

Reason 1: You are creative and like using your artistic talents.
Reason 2: You like earning money based on your performance not based on someone else’s opinion.
Reason 3: You want to make your own schedule.
Reason 4: You enjoy working with people.
Reason 5: You have a gift for making others feel better about themselves and enjoy sharing it with clients who need it most.

What Should You Know Before Enrolling In Cosmetology School?

Attending your local cosmetology school is the first step toward obtaining a license for a career with a wide range of opportunities. Whether working in a salon or, helping celebrities prepare for a photoshoot, or doing the hair and makeup for a client facing health issues, you also get the opportunity to share new, interesting details about their lives.
Keep in mind that being a stylist is mostly about people. Working with people you like and sometimes, those you don’t.
You’ll spend hours on your feet, you will experience ups and downs like a business owner would.  But, as long as the school you choose helps you develop the skills you need to pass your state exam and receive your license, you are on your way.
The rest of your career will be a roller coaster of fun, learning and using your creativity to earn a fantastic living.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Preparing students for the beauty industry in Hawthorne

Roman Academy is a cosmetology school in Hawthorne.

Roman Academy, located at 431 Lafayette Ave. in Hawthorne, is a school that provides cosmetology and skin care courses.

"The Roman Academy of Beauty Culture provides education to students who are interested in working in a salon as a hair or barber/stylist," explained owner and director, Paul Scillia. "Working with a small class ratio of students to instructors ensures that all our students get the personal attention needed to pass their state exam and prepare for working in the field. At Roman Academy of Beauty Culture we instill the necessary all-around training needed for success as a stylist to prepare students for successful state board licensing."

In business since 1962, Roman Academy provides courses in cosmetology, skin care and teacher training. Available classes include: facials, massage, skin, make-up, depilatory, shampooing, thermal curling and waving, manicuring and pedicuring, structure and function of skin and make-up techniques.

"Cosmetology allows the opportunity to grow as an individual as well as provide a full-time or supplemental income. The field is viewed as a truly caring one and gives you a chance to make the world more beautiful through talent and touch," Scillia added.

Day-to-day operations are conducted by Scillia and Marissa Lovas, office manager. Knowledgeable instructors and small class sizes provide for additional attention for students interested learning all they can about the beauty industry.

Visit www.romanacademy.net or call 973-423-2223 for more information.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Beauty, Cosmetology and Trade Schools in NJ may be the answer to 2015 grads motivation for career choice:

Beauty and Trade Schools may be the answer to 2015 grads motivation for career choice:According to: 

For several years now, a debate has been brewing about whether or not the value of higher education is the same as it used to be.

In the author's experience....." during a 2010 career transition, I opted to get my MBA — a decision that would have cost me upwards of $100,000 had I not busted my hump working for a professor in exchange for a hefty tuition discount. Looking back, I would say that my MBA is essentially worthless - every career advancement since has come from networking, the school of hard knocks, and on-the-job training. Not once have I been considered for a job or promotion because I have MBA next to my name.
For the graduating class of 2015, shockingly high levels of student debt and high underemployment among recent college grads are changing the return on investment calculation of a four-year degree - downward. Many young people are turning to two-year trade school programs, which can offer good (or even better) career development paths at a lower price."
According to myfuture.com, the cosmetology industry expects to grow 13% between 2012- 2022 (about as much as other careers that are growing).  It will be a long time before stylists are replaced by an 'app' so, students who qualify for grants to attend a Cosmetology school such as Roman Academy can begin a journey to a creative and lucrative career.  (http://www.myfuture.com/careers/growth/hairdressers-hairstylists-and-cosmetologists_39-5012.00)

Interesting note: According to thesimpledollar.com (http://www.thesimpledollar.com/why-you-should-consider-trade-school-instead-of-college/)
The unemployment rates of (8.5%) and underemployment rates (16.8%) for college grads are nearly double what they were in 2007.

Considering the less than stellar employment outlook, additional student loans costs, housing and meal plans for today's college student-it is a very WISE decision to consider attending a TRADE SCHOOL where a student can begin earning money within months with the continued opportunity for growth over the course of their career.

Learn more at our Open House on Weds. Aug. 5 from 1-7pm.  RSVP: 973-423-2223

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New classes start the first Monday of every month.  Ask about scholarships for you and your 2015 classmates.

Monday, November 24, 2014

15 Steps to Becoming a Successful Stylist

15 Steps to Becoming a Successful Stylist

  1. Create an online portfolio of your work.  Not just work you like….display a variety of styles so that your talent really shines.
  2. Create a business card with your name and the address of your portfolio along with your phone number.  Drop it with every salon owner whose salon you would like to work.  Offer to work a day or two for free to demonstrate your professional personality, style and talent.
  3. Develop your ‘serving’ nature.  As a new stylist-offer to assist everyone-clients and workers as well.
  4. When you get the opportunity to meet a client, act like a professional: LISTEN and deliver what the client asks for and then you ASK for their future follow up appointments by educating your clients ‘how-to’ keep their great style in shape.
  5. If your salon offers classes-attend them all-even if you think you know everything they expect to cover.  If you know everything-you can help others learn.  If you learn even just one thing-you can share that with your clients.
  6. Make yourself available to work all the hours that are available.  If the salon is open 7 days-work 6-7 days for at least the first year to allow clients to get used to seeing you.  Hang coats, pour coffee, sweep the floor-do whatever it takes to keep you in the eye of the client.  Keep a printed copy of your portfolio available for anyone to look through when choosing a hairstyle.
  7. Make your shampoo and finishing count.  These, along with instructions for at home care are the keys to getting a client to return.
  8. Remember your client is coming to see you for a service and some socializing.  Keep your conversation professional and friendly.  Do Not share your problems and Do Not give advice other than how to care for their hair.  You can offer condolences and understanding, but, that’s all.  Leave the advice to the professionals.
  9. It’s fun to be creative but, unless your client likes a different look every time they see you, make sure you use techniques that allow you to duplicate your work.  Too creative and you run the risk of not being able to deliver when they say “I’d like it the same as last time”
  10. Find classes that improve your work and share your experience with your clients.  Everyone likes someone who keeps improving.
  11. Pay Attention! Your clients will tell you stories and share personal information.  In addition to being discreet and not repeating any of your conversation, REMEMBER what you talk about so you can ask for an update on the next visit.  (“So, Mrs. Jones, how did your dog do at his training session?”)
  12. Try to minimize mistakes by asking questions-your consultation time is time well spent. Never skimp on this step.  Don’t rely on the last visit record.  Find out what worked, what could be better and confirm that the details are correct.  Occasionally the prior record could be written incorrectly.
  13. Keep a positive attitude.  Enjoy the good times and use your mistakes as a learning experience.  You can always find something to take away from a mistake.
  14. DO NOT Work for only money.  Work for the reward of a job well done, the sense of accomplishment and for the love of your profession.  The money will follow.
  15. Keep asking questions, respect the new stylists and treat them how you wish you were treated when you were new.  You will command well deserved respect and success because you will have earned it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cosmetology!

As you begin your journey, it is so important to fully grasp the endless possibilities you have in this career. Many students go on to be fabulous hair stylists, make up artists, colorists, managers, owners, and so much more. 
I would like to touch on a few things that I have had the pleasure of doing and the amazing experience and knowledge you gain from each of them.
Being a colorist and working for a color company is quite possibly the most rewarding experience in the world of Cosmetology. Making a client feel good about themselves is such a great feeling.  As well as being able to look at a client as a blank canvas and having endless possibilities allows your creativity run wild!
Other then being able to make people feel amazing, which is the best thing you can ever do, you can also make a great living. 
Some cosmetologists consider becoming a color educator, which allows you to travel and explore even more possibilities. I thrive to educate my students as much as I possibly can on everything there is to know, but I am very open for my students to become a colorist. I know first hand how incredible it really is!

           Salon managers are another facet of the industry and I believe the heart and soul of any salon out there. Being a salon manager is a lot of work but at the end of the day, seeing numerous clients walking out with a smile on their face makes it all worth it! 
         A salon manager basically oversees everything in the salon. They are usually responsible for everything from payroll to handling clients. Being a manager means you have to be a team player and lead by example. It is vital that you have exemplary communication skills and the ability to command your audience. Again, salon manager is often a way to make an excellent salary, which is always a plus.

          As you can see I have only touched on 2 out of the never-ending possibilities as a Cosmologist. I hope this allows you to see that nothing is ever impossible and you have so many options once you obtain your license. 
         What is your career path? What are your goals and dreams? I hope to one day see all of you being the BEST that you can be!

-Dana Nucifora

Educator at Roman Academy